Crazy College Story: A Fight Broke Out!!! πŸ‘€πŸ˜³


During my freshman year of college I saw some pretty crazy things. So I was thinking the other day I should start posting like crazy stories about what I witnessed and what I went through in college. My first semester was fun! I made a couple of friends and I was doing well in my classes. Now my second semester it started to get boring and I was going through a tough time, but im not going to get into that. That’s for another topic that we can talk about later! MyΒ second semester had started and I met this new girl! Her name was Harper (Im not using her real name or any other real names in the story). Β She also had a girlfriend named Rain that played basketball for the college I attended. Rain would always be in Harper’s dorm but they would always argue all through out the day! What was even worse is that Harper’s room was right next to mine so I could hear everything, lol. But at 3 in the morning something woke me up out of my sleep! Im laying in my bed and I hear the wall beat on, chairs slinging, doors slamming, and arguing. Im thinking like should I call the campus police or just mind my own business?! Then I started to think if I were to call the campus police they would both get kicked out of the dorms, so I just was laying there. They kept arguing and I started to realize that they were fighting! They were calling each other whores, bitches, and all kinds of names 😳.This went on for about 15-20 mins. The lady that works in the front desk had to come to the dorm to break them up. I was also pissed about them fighting because I had to be up at 6:30 in the morning! So im laying in my bed just trying to wrap my mind around at what just happend. Im just like these girls were literally fighting, lol! So I had to call my friend after it happend and actually she was up around that time so I gave her all the tea, lol.

The next day I walked passed her room and notice that Harper’s stuff was gone. So I went to my other dorm mates room to see if she could tell me what happen. She said that Harper had got kicked out and Rain was still there. But that was the craziest fight iv’e ever witnessed!

If you ever witness a crazy fight in college or just in general leave a comment down below!

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