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Product Review : Royal Edges Hair Care Solutions

Women and men reading this! This stuff is the bomb! Lol. I’m going to explain why it is! It repairs your edges and it helps with growth and moisture! You reply this 3 times a week for edges and for growth and moisture you apply it for 30 seconds twice a week! But first make sure your scalp is cleaning when using this! This product will help with the damage of your hair, from having tight sew ins, and etc! To read more info about Royal Edges go on: http://www.royaledges.com

The only thing I dislike about this product is the smell! But it has been working for my hair which I love! I recently had a chemical burn from a relaxer and it’s been helping with that! Thank god lol! It’s also mad from natural ingredients! To see what ingredients just click the link in the paragraph above! 😊

I want to thank Royal Edges for sending me this product to review!!! 

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